Fire Prevention
Regardless of "Building construction," sophisticated fire detection systems, fire protection & fire fighting systems used, a building is only as "people safe" as the building owners, managers and tenant want it be. Lack of knowledge on usage of systems installed in your premises is your biggest risk. After and extensive research SAYGLOBAL has a developed a well various designed training program which covers all the possible aspects of Fire Safety which is going to be offered to all our customers at a most reasonable cost.
Annual Maintenance Contract
Life safety equipments require periodic & scientific maintenance , failing to do so, may result in disastrous situation. with years of experience and backed by fully trained team SAYGLOBAL is completely equipped to provide service back up to all their customers in least turnaround time.

Fire Detection
At a very early stage of fire, smoke starts erupting. By and large smoke has always been recognized as more dangerous than fire. Smoke generated by fire contains toxic chemicals and travels much faster than fire . While a fire may be confined to a specific area , smoke can migrate rapidly through vents & shafts to virtually every part of your premises and can be proved life threatening.

Well designed and sophisticated early warning system can provide you with critical time window required for effective fire fighting and Safe evacuation.
We offer wide range of early warning systems
   Standalone battery operated smoke detectors.
   Conventional fire alarm systems.
   Addressable fire alarm systems.
   Intelligent Addressable fire alarm systems

Damage Containment
Fire Safety Doors:
Providing and fixing of Pure Polyester (UV Resistant Grade) Powder coated, 120 minutes Fire Rated (for stability & integrity) GI Steel or galvanized (Zinc Coated) Steel doors and frame confirming to IS 3614 Part & BS 476 part 22.